Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ice Ice Romney

Ice Ice Romney
Ice Ice Romney

I'm a lyrical Mormon
Kickin ass like Stormin Norman!

Couldn't say at my convention
Don't trust the Palestinian intention!
Don't matter how much power we wield
Gotta kick the ball down the field!

Forget the Arab Revolution
I ain't down with no two-state solution!

Israel is so thorny
Just like Rafalca so horny!

We can't just stay calm
While Iran gets a dirty bomb!

Don't say I'm crazy
Cause I say Americans is lazy!
Dems are all fakers
We gotta give from tha takers to tha makers

Don't call me a rich dude
People always wantin' free food!

Gonna get beat by Obama
So bad gonna hurt my momma

Check out my book
while I hope something resolves it

Ice Ice Romney
Ice Ice Romney

Word to your Mother... Jones

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