Friday, February 29, 2008

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Iz caturday here 2

Cause I thinx Maddie wants to play fetch sum moar.

Timmeh... dOAN WANT

... because we're told that in 1987 you said that Trading Places was a hilarious movie and I understand that Eddie Murphy has said that he supports UR candidacy and dis movie wuz insulting to fat peeps and chinese peeps and whut will we tell teh childrens, well do you denounce him or not?

... U must be a moron.


We foundz sumwon more kwalifiies. Wuz not hard.

kai, thx, bai.

(thanks to Simon's mom)

Prissy Pants

Thinly Veiled haz a version 2.


Heck of a job

Every picture tellz a storeee behbeh...

hat tip to the fabulous Watertiger.


Kittehs enjoy being useful, ya know.

(sent to me by an Obama campaign staffer)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So much 4 "experience."

I don't think today's kerfluffle went quite like McBush thought it was going to.

Where's mah popcorn?

Timmy Speaks

Barack Obama is black and so is Louis Farrakhan! Oh Noes!

St. McBush

Oh he iz so perfects, he nevahs does nufinks wrongs.

Except when he does.

(original photo, Eric Gay, Associated Press)

Oh Noes! doan be taking mah hope!!

Welcome to our new blog. We haz many planz to maek fun of all politishuns.

U shud visit often and bkmark dis blog or RIpley will bited U.

kai, thx, bai.