Monday, February 2, 2009

We haz a present 4 teh talking haids

because U guys sound like a bunch of fucking crazy people that wouldn't noes a fact if it bit U all in UR fat asses. Here's another good place to start: those crazy kids at the CBO actually wrote you a handy guide. I noes!! Crazy!!! Who'd of thunk it?

And in case THAT'S too difficult, the nice people at Moody's made you a handy-dandy little graph:

A meaningful stimulus for mainstreet

please stop embarrassing yourselves. In case U hazn't noticed, teh country is on fucking fire.

kai, thx, bai.


I think this picture is self-explanatory - peeps who drove teh country into the ditch don't get to try to fix it.

kai, thx, bai.