Monday, February 2, 2009

We haz a present 4 teh talking haids

because U guys sound like a bunch of fucking crazy people that wouldn't noes a fact if it bit U all in UR fat asses. Here's another good place to start: those crazy kids at the CBO actually wrote you a handy guide. I noes!! Crazy!!! Who'd of thunk it?

And in case THAT'S too difficult, the nice people at Moody's made you a handy-dandy little graph:

A meaningful stimulus for mainstreet

please stop embarrassing yourselves. In case U hazn't noticed, teh country is on fucking fire.

kai, thx, bai.


yellojkt said...

I found your blog from Scriptoid's Blogroll Amnesty Day post. You might be interested in my first LOLPrez. Feel free to use it with attribution and a link.

Keep up the good work.

zoe said...

But Rush told them to vote no, and they have to be good kiddies and do what rush daddy says, or else....or else what?

Anonymous said...

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