Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tweety, "oh NOES!!"

So many dreams crushed dis primary season... oh noes!


Anonymous said...

You go, Keith!

We always give Chimpy shit for passing the buck and not taking responsibility for his words and actions. When will Hillary Clinton be held to the same standard? Or is it okay to deflect responsibility and pass the buck if you have a "D" next to your name? Or if your last name happens to be Clinton?

ThinlyVeiled said...

Thanks for posting this, 4legs. I missed it last nite due to real life stuff. For all the folks out there who have been harshing on KO for his "Hillary bashing," I'd just like to point out that it seems to me that he , as I do, genuinely likes and respects her, but is very deeply disappointed in the path she has chosen to take and the methods she has chosen to employ.

four legs good said...

I used to like and respect her, now I do not.

And she has herself to blame for that.